The MediterraneanGenWeb Project maintains very high standards in page creation, site management, and overall quality of presentation for all associated project pages. The MediterraneanGenWeb Project encourages freedom of expression, national cultural uniqueness and individual creativity by project hosts in the actual design of their pages. Certain elements are required, however, to help maintain the cohesiveness of the project.


These policies are an adaptation of the policies of the of the WorldGenWeb Project located at Each host is responsible for reviewing these websites to ensure they are in compliance. These Guidelines and Policies were last updated on 13 October 2014.

Disclaimer: The MediterraneanGenWeb Project does not guarantee the authenticity or source of any collected material place online at project websites and is to be held free and indomitable from any and all liabilities based on such materials. The MediterraneanGenWeb will remove any materials found to be in violation of all U.S. Copy Right Laws and statutes.

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